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  • You Belong at Summer Adventure Camp

    Register now for Summer Adventure Camp - July 16-29!



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  • Chromebook Monitoring

    Please know that the Academy will not be actively monitoring Chromebook usage during the summer furlough. If you have a concern that your cadet may not use his Chromebook responsibly, we can disable the device at your request. If you would like for us to disable your cadet’s device during the summer, please email technology@riversideprep.org to request assistance.
    Parents of graduating seniors, please know that your cadet’s Chromebook will be permanently “de-provisioned” on Thursday, May 18th. This action will be executed remotely, so there is no need for coordination with the Technology Office. The first time your graduate connects to the internet on or after May 18th, the device will be released from all filtering and monitoring. This means that your graduate will have unfettered access to the internet.
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  • 2023-24 Academic Calendar

    Below is the link to view the 2023/2024 Academic Calendar. Please use this calendar for referencing dates for upcoming summer events and key dates.  We will only make one update to this calendar which will be published on August 1st, 2023, to capture additional standardized testing dates and possibly other key dates that needs to be included.  

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  • Riverside Summer Camp Update

    We have information about 2023 Riverside Prep summer camps. The Raider and Football camps begin July 30th and end August 6th, 2023. The Emerging Leader camp begins July 30th and ends August 4th, 2023. Your son can participate in the Emerging Leader Camp and Raider Camp OR the Emerging Leader Camp and Football Camp.

    Students cannot simultaneously participate in Football Camp and Raider Camp, nor can a cadet participate in all three camps. This guidance is consistent with that of previous years.
    Cadets in Emerging Leader Camp and either Football or Raider Camp will split their time in the day for their specific camps.
    The time allocations for each camp will optimize the use of the time-specific camps that would conduct physical events, such as the cooler mornings and the afternoons (Raider/Football) while conducting nonphysical events indoors during the heat of the day (Emerging Leader).

    I hope this provides clarity, but please let me know if you have further questions.
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  • Summer Adventure Camp

    Parents and Families!

    We are pleased to announce Riverside Prep's Summer Adventure Camp!

    Summer Adventure Camp is a two-week overnight camp from July 16 through July 29 designed for adventurous young men entering grades 6-12 (as of fall 2023). Our camp offers two tracks: Survivor and Innovator, both of which will include adventure, brotherhood, and FUN -- the Riverside way -- incorporating leadership and structure.

    To learn more and apply, visit Summer Adventure Camp. We are looking forward to having fun through adventure and learning this summer. Hope to see your son there! Bring a friend!

    Scott Basso, LTC(Retired)
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  • 5 Ways to Stay Connected with RMA

    Welcome to Riverside! We are so excited to meet you and your cadet/s and look forward to a great school year. We want to make sure you have access to the most accurate information when you need it, so we’ve listed the top 5 ways to stay connected with the Academy.

    1. Email

      Group and individual messages from key areas, including a monthly newsletter, will be sent to you regularly through email, and the best way to communicate with RMA faculty and staff is through email. Please be sure to check your email frequently and let us know if you are not receiving email from RMA.

    2. mobile device showing RMA appParent’s Web Page + Mobile Shortcut

      For your convenience, a Parents' web page, containing important dates and announcements, upcoming events, and frequently used resources, has been made available. You can access this page by visiting riversidemilitary.com/parents, or for quick access on your mobile device, be sure to create a shortcut so the page will appear as an app and open in your default browser. If you have suggestions for improving this digital resource, email publicrelations@riversimilitary.com

    3. Text Notifications

      If you would like to receive announcements via text or email in real-time, you can sign up for notifications through the myRMA portal. Here’s how:

      1. Login to myRMA
      2. Click your name in the top, right corner.
      3. Click Settings-->Notifications.
      4. Ensure your email address and cell phone number are listed.
      5. Select the checkboxes that correspond to Announcements (and News).
      6. Select Parent under the Edit Options link and click Save. 

    4. Photos

      Riverside is your cadet's home away from home, so we try to capture cadet experiences to share with you on our online photo service Waldo. To create a Waldo account, visit https://waldophotos.com/galleries, click the 2022-2023 Riverside Military Academy square, and enter the JOIN CODE: rma23. You can browse photos for free OR pay Waldo $39.99/yr to receive personalized notifications.

      In addition to Waldo, you will find some cadet photos on social media. Although social media is not our official means of communication, by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn, you will catch a glimpse of some of our daily activities as well as traditional events happening at RMA. We hope to see you there!

    5. Phone

      If you need to reach your cadet or employee immediately, please feel free to contact the Academy at 770-532-6251.
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    Parent Relations Coordinator
If you are a CURRENT PARENT, we are delighted to have you as part of our family and grateful for what you will do to help us make our school community a success. Our parents are valued partners at Riverside Military Academy and we want to offer you opportunities throughout the entire year to jump in and get involved.  If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know and we will get you connected. If you are a PROSPECTIVE PARENT, congratulations on taking the first steps in a life changing decision for your son.  To help answer any questions you might have, we encourage you to schedule a call with a Riverside parent. We look forward to welcoming your family into ours.