Academic Support

Postsecondary Partnerships

Seniors at Riverside Prep are set apart from other students due to the discipline and structure instilled in them through the military model of education. Colleges and military institutions recognize the difference in Riverside Prep graduates, which is why those meeting our collegiate partners’ basic requirements gain automatic acceptance to the following distinguished institutes:

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  • Georgia Military College

    This agreement formally recognizes that Riverside Military Academy and Georgia Military College (GMC) are committed to the establishment of an educational partnership to better serve currently enrolled and future students at both institutions.

    Any student who graduates from Riverside Military Academy with a general, college preparatory, or technical diploma is guaranteed admission into Georgia Military College provided that the student completes the following requirements:
    • An official application (completed online here). (Application fee will be waived for Riverside Military Academy students)
    • An official transcript from Riverside Military Academy (RMA) showing graduation with a college preparatory diploma, technical diploma, general diploma or successful completion of the GED.
    • Submits all required materials within the appropriate deadlines.

    The guarantee of admission is to any of Georgia Military College's associate-level degree programs (currently there are 26 programs) and to any of GMC's Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree programs (currently there are three programs) provided a student meets all of the admissions and prerequisite requirements for the BAS degree programs.

    Agreement on Continued Cadet Participation of Riverside Military Academy Students at GMC

    Any Riverside Military Academy graduate that is accepted to GMC will have the opportunity to continue their military-focused educational experience provided they meet the criteria as outlined below. Opportunities include:

    Early Commissioning Program (ECP)

    In addition to the requirements for freshman or transfer admission, applicants for the Early Commissioning Program must also meet the following requirements:
    • Be a US Citizen
    • Earn a High School Diploma with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale (2.5 for scholarship)
    • Have a combined SAT critical reading and math score of 850 or composite ACT score of 17 (non-scholarship) OR
    • A combined SAT critical reading and math score of 1000 or composite ACT score of 19 (Scholarship)
    • Meet height and weight standards for entrance into Advanced ROTC program
    • Pass a standard Army Physical Examination
    • Have one of the following levels of military knowledge:
      • Complete the Leaders Training Course at Ft. Knox, KY prior to enrollment at GMC.
      • Complete Basic Training and/or AIT through Active or Reserve component training.
      • Have three years of High School JROTC
  • Norwich University

    Norwich University

    Candidate Eligibility and Requirements
    • Cumulative GPA - 2.75 or higher as recalculated by Norwich University
    • Written recommendations - President, Commandant, Academic Dean
    • Cadet Rank - Senior NCO or Officer
    • Leadership Course - Completed Leadership I (minimum)
    • Extracurricular - demonstrated successful participation
    • Conduct - RMA will certify that the student has no significant disciplinary infractions to include arrest and/or conviction of misdemeanors or felonies beyond a basic traffic violation and also that the student has no record of "Conduct Unbecoming a Cadet" within the discipline report
  • The Citadel

    The Citadel

    The agreement provides guaranteed admission to Riverside cadets who apply and complete their application by February 15 and meet all academic, behavioral, and physical requirements of The Citadel prior to matriculation.

    Riverside cadets will be offered full acceptance when they meet the following requirements:
    • Must submit a completed application for admission along with the application fee prior to February 15 of the academic year they seek to enroll at The Citadel along with all required documentation so that an academic admissions decision may be rendered.
    • SAT/ACT test results may be submitted, but they are not required to be a candidate for admission. TOEFL results are required for students whose native language is not English. The school codes for The Citadel: ACT 3838, SAT 5108, TOEFL 5108.
    • The applicant must successfully complete the following academic coursework with a minimum of 2.50 overall GPA:
      • English (4 units)
      • Mathematics (4 units)
      • Science (3 units)
      • Language (2 units)
      • Social Science (3 units)
      • Electives (2 units)
      • Fine Arts (1 unit)
      • Physical Education (1 unit)
    • Must be medically approved by The Citadel Surgeon by July 1 (after receiving academic acceptance).
    • Must provide a final high school transcript verifying their high school graduation. Official transcripts can be provided by Riverside utilizing various official digital credentialing services or sent via U.S. mail from the school directly to The Citadel Admissions Office / 171 Moultrie St. / Charleston, SC 29409.
    • Must be at least 17 and less than 23 years of age on the date of matriculation (usually mid-to-late August).
  • The University of North Georgia

    The University of North Georgia

    The University of North Georgia agrees to provide the following opportunities for Riverside Preparatory Academy cadets on an annual basis:
    • Guaranteed admission to UNG's Corps of Cadets to any Riverside Preparatory Academy student who meets U.S. Army Cadet Command ROTC participation requirements, and the University of North Georgia's (UNG) published required criteria.
      • This currently includes completion of 17 Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) units consisting of 4 English, 4 mathematics, 4 science, 3 social science, and 2 foreign language, a minimum 3.0 RHSC GPA or 2.4 RHSC CPA and qualifying standardized test scores.
    • A Cadet Admissions Office application waiver code for any Riverside Preparatory Academy cadet meeting minimum admissions guidelines and applying to the Corps of Cadets program.
    • A $3,500 leadership scholarship for up to five students who meet UNG Cadet Admissions criteria, have a minimum 3.5 RHSC GPA and possess a Freshman Index score of 3,000 or higher for the Corps of Cadet program (scholarship requires submission of SAT or ACT scores at time of application for admission).

    Riverside Preparatory Academy agrees to provide the following:
    • Advertise and promote this opportunity on their website and to enrolled students.
    • Notify UNG Cadet Admissions of eligible students that want to apply to UNG and meet leadership scholarship criteria on an annual basis.
    • Provide UNG Cadet Admissions personnel the opportunity for an annual visit to promote this program.
    • Promote the in-state tuition rate for out-of-state students accepted to the University of North Georgia Corps of Cadets program.
  • Virginia Military Institute

    Virginia Military Institute

    Candidate Eligibility and Requirements
    • Cumulative GPA - 3.25 or higher, as recalculated by Virginia Military Institute
    • Academic - Meet standard high school diploma requirements for admission to VMI with at least one additional advanced level math course above Algebra II
    • Written recommendations - Head of School, Commandant, and Academic Dean
    • Cadet Rank - Senior NCO or Officer at time of application
    • Leadership Course - Completed at least one leadership course
    • Extracurricular/Athletics - Demonstrated successful participation
    • Conduct - RMA will certify that the student has no major disciplinary infractions to include arrest and/or conviction of misdemeanor or felonies beyond a basic traffic violation and that the student has no evidence of "Conduct Unbecoming a Cadet" within the permanent record