Student Life

Student Life

Boys don’t just attend Riverside.
They live it.

Life at Riverside is a true adventure. Every day, students work side by side to meet multidimensional challenges, tackle difficult and rewarding tasks, and strive as a team in the name of both collective and individual excellence—whether studying hard practicing hard, or just plain playing hard.

Our students build more than friendships, they form important connections that come from embracing challenges together, while being inspired and motivated by each other’s strength, spirit, and resolve. They share priceless lessons in loyalty, leadership, and accountability that transcend curriculum as pillars of a unique student culture that can only be experienced here, and that build much more than academic capability.

Our students don’t simply come to school. They become part of a complete, lived experience, full of fun, excitement, camaraderie, tradition, and self-discovery, where every day is a new opportunity to grow, learn, and build.

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List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Jonathan Pooley

    Lt Col Jonathan Pooley 

  • Photo of Adam Carter

    LTC Adam Carter 

    Deputy Commandant
  • Photo of Chad Blansett

    CSM Chad Blansett 

    Academy Sergeant Major
  • Photo of Julie Wheeler

    Julie Wheeler 

    Licensed Professional Counselor

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