The Rewards are as Great
As the Challenge.

At Riverside Prep, we proudly implement a military model of education, refined and focused to bring out the absolute best in your son. Similar principles that are applied in the development of great military men are utilized and carefully optimized with the specific goal of building SIMPLY GREAT MEN.

The experience is designed to identify the very height and breadth of potential, unlock and maximize strengths, craft exemplary character, and prepare students for a lifetime of leadership, accomplishment, and fulfillment.

Here, your son will do much more than achieve academic excellence. Through tasks that test his courage and resolve, an unwavering commitment to self-discipline and mutual accountability, the immersion in a culture of mentorship, teamwork, and leadership, and the building of brotherhood through shared, multi-dimensional learning opportunities, he’ll gain a true and complete understanding of everything he’s capable of. He’ll reveal his most complete, most authentic potential. He will build the integrity, tenacity, confidence, and intelligence to win in every aspect of life.

The Riverside experience is a unique and exciting challenge. But what’s far more exciting are the rewards that come from accepting it.

What We Offer

Riverside Prep is a private, boarding, preparatory school located in Gainesville, Georgia, near the beautiful northeast Georgia mountains and just an hour north of Atlanta. We serve young men through middle school in grades 6 through 8 and high school in grades 9 through 12.