"Jeopardy" Review Helps Students Prepare for Exams

Katie Martin
It’s been proven that hands-on activities keep boys engaged and excited to learn in the classroom, and Ms. Richardson’s Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM) classes are no exception. 

This quarter, Richardson’s AMDM classes learned about the Federal Reserve Banking System, its key entities, and how they dictate the protocol and procedures used by banks daily. 

They began by learning about the 12 reserve districts and the main functions of banks, coloring maps to solidify their understanding. Students also learned about the five advisory councils and their functions, the Board of Governors, and the way banks function.
Richardson created several interactive games, crossword puzzles, and worksheets to help her students prepare for exams, but “Jeopardy” proved to be a crowd favorite. Richardson said, “...the cadets respond very well to a game show-like environment, where their reputation might also be on the line.” This healthy competition among male peers is what world-renowned single-gender expert and author, Dr. Michael Gurian, says helps set boys up for success at Riverside and beyond.