Dr. Gurian Equips Parents and Faculty to Understand “The Minds of Boys”

Katie Martin
During Parents’ Weekend last month, Dr. Michael Gurian, a marriage and family counselor and New York Times bestselling author, presented helpful information for Riverside’s faculty, TACs, and parents focused on how boys and girls differ in the way they learn and interact with others. In both lectures, Dr. Gurian presented scans showing the differences in male and female brain activity depending on varying situations. 
Dr. Gurian encouraged Riverside Prep faculty and staff to continue utilizing hands-on teaching, humor, and movement when lecturing to keep young men engaged and ready to learn. Dr. Gurian also emphasized the importance of masculine mentoring, highlighting the positive impact that an academy like Riverside Prep can have on a young man’s development.
According to Dr. Gurian, one of the benefits of Riverside Prep is the focused all-boys environment for learning and development. Dr. Gurian’s studies have found that boys thrive in all-male educational environments because they can form lasting bonds with their peers without competing with them to gain attention from the opposite sex.
"Using the information provided by Dr. Michael Gurian of The Gurian Institute, teachers at Riverside have been taught how boys best learn. By focusing our teaching methods on reaching boys where they are, we are able to see more success and provide a better educational environment,” Assistant Academic Dean, MMCM Steven Hadaway, said.
The lectures helped equip both parents and Riverside faculty and TACs with the practical tools necessary to understand and meet young men where they are, preparing them for success at Riverside and beyond.