Riverside’s 2024 Youth Leadership Hall Announced

Katie L. Martin
The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce announced the 2024 Youth Leadership Hall (YLH) class which includes 80 students who represent the 12 public and private high schools in Hall County. According to The Greater Hall Chamber, the program began in 2005 and has more than 1,200 graduates. 

Riverside is pleased to announce Brady Kriegel, Emiliano Navarro-Miguel, Kolaiah Newkirk, and Leo Zeng (not pictured) as representatives in the YLH program for 2024. 

The YLH program provides opportunities for students to learn about leadership and service in the community from local mentors through monthly programs that cover leadership, lawmaking and government, law enforcement and the judicial system, healthcare, and economic development.

This year’s YLH graduates, including A.J. Press, Andrew Preston, Henry McKinnon, and Alexander Pombo, not only learned about local government but also traveled to the state capitol in Atlanta with Riverside’s YLH advisor Col. Robert Cagle to meet local and state representatives. Highlights from the trip include a photo with Governor Brian Kemp, observing the legislative process in action from inside the Senate chambers, and eating lunch with the Hall County Delegation of lawmakers from both chambers.