Riverside Preparatory Academy

Riverside Logo Release

Valarie M. Reeves
Dear Riverside Family and Friends,

We wanted you to have a first glimpse at the final logo. Many of you responded to the call for feedback earlier this month, so know that we appreciate your time and input. Responses were gathered from parents, cadets, alumni, employees, and our branding partners, and after careful deliberation, it was decided to market Riverside Prep with the logo as shown below.

As the president stated, we will always be Riverside Military Academy. Cadets will wear uniforms, live in “barracks,” dine in the “mess hall,” and continue to incorporate other current distinctions of a military model of education. The crest, which has represented Riverside since its earliest days, will not change. It will be proudly displayed on campus, diplomas, senior rings, and on many alumni communications, and will continue to connect the earliest living alumni to students and graduates for years to come.

The Riverside Prep logo, which incorporates a flame similar to the Army JROTC Corps Insignia referred to as The Torch of Knowledge, will be used publicly to attract new families who may not immediately understand the value or impact of a military model of education. With its clean and bold lines, custom Riverside Prep font, and contemporary design, we believe this logo will also stand the test of time, bringing in new students who will join the brotherhood of fine young men prepared for success in college or whatever they choose next to pursue.

We hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday, and we look forward to having cadets back on campus Monday, November 28. 

Go Eagles!
Valarie M. Reeves
Director of Marketing/PR