Riverside Preparatory Academy

Riverside Military Academy Marketing Announcement

Valarie Reeves
Today, COL(R) Stanley C. “Staś” Preczewski, president of Riverside Military Academy (RMA), gathered employees and cadets to share the results of a recent marketing project. 
Preczewski stated, “Riverside Military Academy has existed since 1907 as an all-male boarding school that uses the military model of education for success, and in order to adapt to the 2022 post-COVID market for domestic and international families interested in a private or boarding school education for their sons, we will be marketed as Riverside Preparatory Academy.”
In April 2022, Riverside partnered with a national marketing firm that specializes in private schools. Their process included focus groups, surveys, phone calls, campus visits, and market studies. In addition to new messaging, which will highlight more accurately the Academy’s offerings and value, the name Riverside Preparatory Academy will more accurately describe our focus on college preparations.
“Except for continuous improvements in our offerings, nothing is changing. We have always been a preparatory school and will continue to prepare middle school students for high school and upper school students for college and beyond. We will continue using the military model of education including required uniforms, earned leadership responsibilities, and codes of conduct, as we have for more than one hundred years.” Preczewski continued.