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The Rewards are as Great as the Challenge

At Riverside Prep, we proudly implement a military model of education, refined and focused to bring out the absolute best in your son. Similar principles that are applied in the development of great military men are utilized and carefully optimized with the specific goal of building SIMPLY GREAT MEN.
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Followership is the first step toward leadership.

Mentorship, support, and mutual accountability make up the foundation of our student culture. Students benefit from the careful guidance of those with more experience, and in turn, readily share their knowledge with those who have less. Each student is constantly learning from strong role models -- and soon becomes one himself.


Excellence. To us, it's a team sport.

Riverside students share a commitment to excellence, achievement, and a genuine dedication to the success of the whole, balancing personal strength and courage with strong loyalty to our brothers. We make lifetime connections by supporting each other through challenges, celebrating victories together, and being part of something much greater than any one individual.

Academic Achievement

Not just prepped for college. Prepped for Anything.

The environment at Riverside is structured to maximize academic achievement by focusing on how boys learn best. The highly motivating and rewarding experience of cadet life extends into the classroom, where dedicated faculty focus on excellence, and engage students through dynamic learning opportunities that prepare them for college and whatever comes next.

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